Cupertino's goal is to assist small companies and independent professionals to stay focused on delivering value. We offer consulting services to help you build your hardware armada, streamline your administration, and overall share some of the latest and greatest in all things Simplicity.

We help retail shops simplify how products flow through their store: from supplier deliveries to customer purchases while drastically reducing the amount of hardware in the store.

We help architects ensure they can grow their home office to accomodate another couple of collaborators by designing and implementing a robust network+file structure that separates work and play, but is still flexible.

We help photographers safeguard their digital intelectual property via a simple and robust backup system.

We assist small lawyers office to transition from their old tech (Blackberries, WinXP, etc.) to modern tech.

We help musicians satisfy their home music needs by installing convenient, beautiful, and great sounding wireless speakers throughout their house.

Got a question, ask us!
How do I manage invoicing my clients?
Is this laptop right for me?
My team and I are trying to figure our this management 2.0 (3.0?) thing; do you know anything about it?
What's the coolest wireless loudspeaker around?
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